How much you charge?

We charge for the bookkeeping depends on your monthly transactions and sometimes based on your annual turnover, for other services you will have to contact us.

What do you mean you will work via clouds?

We create a share folder between The Bookkeeper and our client to share information back and forth, in addition to that we are using trusted online accounting software.

Do I get access to the accounting software?

Yes, we provide license and user to our clients on the accounting software where he/she can check his reports whenever and wherever he/she wants.

Are my data secured?

Yes, we care about security as much as you do; and we do it well.

Do I get charged for the software?

No, the software is complimentary by The Bookkeeper.

Do you visit me for more advice?

Yes, we assign senior accountant for advice, weekly, or monthly upon your request with extra charge.

Do you prepare Audit Financial?

We do internal audit, but we refer you to class A, B, or C Auditor if needed for Audited financial statements.

Are your services suitable for my business?

Yes! Any small or medium sized business can benefit from The Bookkeeper services. Whatever is the nature of your business, be it retail or a restaurant or a trading company, The Bookkeeper can manage your accounting needs. If you are still not sure, just give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.